Functional Obsolescence

There are subjects and talking points in real estate that are easy, such as talking about how much money we can make, or how we are so good at negotiating that we get a steal on every property we buy. Those are easy and engaging topics, but sometimes I feel as though in the heat of it all we loose perspective on reality.

I see my job at from two focal points. Yes- I want you to be excited about the opportunities that real estate represents. But, simultaneously it is important to me that at the end of the day you are equipped with the truth.

Friends, truth is not so easy to talk about. It is often mundane, technical, and often somewhat discouraging. Still, it must be presented…

A topic that is crucially important to what we do and therefore needs to get more attention than it does is Functional Obsolescence. In the short video directly below I outline some of my thinking on the subject. Please feel free to comment here or anywhere… Enjoy!

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