Get The Right Equipment (if you want to play)

I am absolutely amazed at how much time and energy is being wasted on complaining. Some complain about their job, others about not having a job. Some blame the current president for our economic problems, while others blame the previous. And the list of complaint topics just goes on, and on, and on…

Maybe some of these complaints are deserved, maybe not – I am not smart enough to know. Regardless, it just kills me that people do not seem to realize that complaining changes nothing! The economy is what it is. The question is – are you going to figure out how to leverage it to your advantage? I know this is very pragmatic. But you wouldn’t bring a hockey stick to a baseball game and expect success, would you? They wouldn’t let you in the game and, even if they did, what chance would you have at winning without the right equipment?

This is a three-step process. First – stop wasting time and energy on complaining which changes nothing. Second – focus on educating yourself so that you can understand the game that’s being played. Third – learn how and where to acquire the right equipment! I did, and today I own $1,000,000 of real estate, which generates $100,000 of revenue. There hasn’t been a better time time buy income-producing real estate, ever!

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