Why I Don’t Care When Real Estate Values Will Begin to Go Up.

I spent last night scouring the web in search of a good conversation to take part in. What can I say – I felt frisky…I came across quite a few conversations focused on the issue of when real estate values will finally begin a turnaround. I briefly considered taking part in one of those, but ultimately realized that I simply don’t care.

That’s right – as an investor, I simply don’t care when real estate values start to climb again! That’s because I never buy property with the short-sided objective of flipping it for a profit in the first place. When I buy a property, my intention is to hold it forever more in my portfolio. This is because the only reason I buy in the first place is to generate cash flow.

So what do I care if a building that was worth $120,000 four years ago is only worth $105,000 today? As long as it’s still making me money, I don’t care what it’s worth. And my renters are still paying off my mortgage. So, I’ll wait as long as it takes for the value to come back – I get paid to wait!

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