Section 8 – Taboo Topic in Propety Management

Section 8 Housing
Section 8 Housing

I blog a lot now days on all things to do with real estate investing and I am constantly in contact with others who do as well. I’ve found that there is definitely a taboo topic in property management blogosphere – not too many people write about it; in fact, most bloggers plain avoid it. This topic is the Section 8 housing subsidy for low income Americans.

I can certainly understand why not many people write about it. It’s not sexy and it doesn’t necessarily teach the reader a clever technique or promise an easy way to make a million over night. Just the opposite, this subject forces us to acknowledge that there exists big deficiencies in our economy. Furthermore, who wants to talk about poor people and government programs in an age when the government is a taboo subject in and of itself…

I am always honest with you guys and as such I tend to write about my experiences in real time; it happens, so I write about it hoping that my thoughts on the subject make a difference to some of you. Well, I recently came in contact with Section 8, and though this is not a particularly easy topic to write about, I couldn’t help myself and I went there. In the past month or so I’ve written 3 articles on the subject both here on my blog as well as the BuggerPockets blog.

Interestingly, these articles set off a firestorm of comments which tells me that while not a lot of us bloggers are willing to stick our necks out to write on this subject, it most definitely is on the minds of a lot of people. There was no agreement by any stretch of the imagination, but we talked and that’s something!

With this in mind, I thought it might be good to consolidate all of this information in one post. Please enjoy these articles and I encourage you to jump into the conversation!


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  • Adamchik Reply

    Aside from prompt, guaranteed payments, Section 8 also does annual inspections. That’s one of my favorite parts. A sad comment on our economy is that many working families are qualified for Section 8. In some markets section 8 pays less than it used to, but it can still make sense. Don’t reject it out of hand – you should still do your due diligence on your tenants.

    • Ben Reply

      I completely concur with everything you say!!!

      Thanks so much for your comment Adam!

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