Cash Flow is Great Advantage of Real Estate

I chose real estate as the best investment vehicle for me because it offered the best solution to the problem that I was trying to solve in my life – insufficient income.  I realized that since I couldn’t increase my earning potential in my primary field of music, I needed to develop an alternative source, or better yet multiple alternative sources of revenue.  And since I felt that I was already working too hard for too little, this could not be another job.  What I needed was Passive Cash Flow, the kind that did not involve me on a day to day basis, and after a careful analysis of the available to me opportunities I settled on real estate as the best investment vehicle to generate cash flow.

I discovered the simple formula that has made fortunes small and large for people throughout history is simply this:

If you own a house which rents for $600/month, but it only costs $400/month to maintain, then you get to keep the difference.


From here, the only two questions are: How many of these houses will you need to own in order to achieve your financial goals? And how quickly can you buy them?

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