“Let’s be honest: real estate investing has changed. But inside these pages, Ben has laid out exactly what works in today’s market!"
~ Brandon Turner, cohost of the BiggerPockets Podcast, author of bestseller The Book on Rental Property Investing
House Hacking
The only real estate investing strategy you need to build wealth, live for free (or almost free), and make money through homeownership.
What is house hacking? Let me show you!
Who is this book for?
Having involved myself with House Hacking I realized that this strategy represents a phenomenal solution for many folks. And what's most exciting is that House Hacking solves a problem for not just one group of people, but several. In fact there are at least 3 groups for whom this book will pave the way toward success!

First of all, I have to tell you (and this is based on 10 years of real estate investing experience) that a properly executed house hack is absolutely the most brilliant investment opportunity for most newbies. This has to be the easiest Cash Flow I've ever created (and it's substantial). If you've been studying real estate investing but haven't been able to find a way into the game - this is it! 

Now, let's say that you happen to live in a very expensive market, and have been priced out of owning a home - this book will teach you how to become a homeowner. Yes, you'll need to learn some things. Yes, you'll need to do a bit of work, because not just any house will work. But, you can own a home for less than you thought because a properly structure House Hack will underwrite your cost! 

Or, how about this scenario. Let's say you are quite comfortable where you are. But you happen to have elderly parents who are struggling and it is necessary for you to relocate closer to them. The only problem is that homes are very expensive where they live, and you are not sure how to swing the cost of living. House Hacking - DONE! Let me teach you exactly how... 

Or, let's say you are like me, and decide one day that you are tired of living in Ohio and want to relocate someplace where the skies are always blue and palm trees are always pretty. in other words, you (like I) want to 10X your life. However, in a market like this property can be expected to be more expensive and you are concerned about cost of living. How to cope? House Hacking solves the problem in my life and will do the same for you! Indeed, a proper house hack allows me to achieve locational freedom; an ability to say - I'm done here; I am moving! 

A House Hack is simply a blend of that which is home for you and your family, and that which is an investment. It is a powerful formula capable of creating solutions for a wide variety is life circumstances. And in this book I will teach you how to do it right! 

And, remember -- I am doing this as we speak. So, all of the numbers are real-time, and all of the methods discussed are viable in today's market. This is a case-study, and a road map.
What Will You Learn in this Book?
This is a rather far-reaching book. House Hacking is basically a form of real estate investing. As such, I spend a lot of time defining the application of real estate investing concepts.

In this book you will learn the necessary mathematical metrics and formulas. You will learn how to pick the right location and the right property for your house hack. You will learn the step-by-step process of doing the math, financing, marketing, and running your house hack for most profit.

Below is a detailed list of the topics covered within the pages of this book. You may have to re-read things once or twice, and some of the concepts may require further research. But, everything you need to know to do what I do is here! Below is the list of topics I cover: 
  • What is a house hack and how can I make money with it?
  • Can house hacking pay for my primary-home mortgage? 
  •  Should I buy an investment property or should I house sack? 
  •  A House Hacking Case Study—How I am living in an upscale home for (almost) free  
  •  How do I choose the best location, neighborhood, and house to house hack? 
  •  How much money can I make house hacking and does it pay my primary mortgage?
  •  How do I rehab and market my house hack for the most profit? 
  •  How much time does it take to run a vacation rental house hack? 
  •  Is AirBnB, or HomeAway, or VRBO Better for vacation-rental house hacking? 
  •  How do I handle safety and privacy when house hacking? 
  •  Will my mortgage allow me to rent out part of my property? 
  •  What taxes do I have to pay with house hacking? 
  •  What are the regulations on house hacking? 
  •  How do I set prices on AirBnB and other sites?
  •  And much more… 
Why now is the time to read this book...
Everyone always talks about real estate as if the choice of what we do, when, and how is entirely up to us. I hate to break it to you, but - it's the market, stupid!

in 2017, the real estate cycle is mature, which is a fancy way of saying property is not cheap! Whether you you are trying to become a homeowner but are very concerned about the carrying costs, or you have been trying to break into real estate investing but the deals are not making sense, or you simply want to live a bit more on your terms, house hacking is the most viable strategy today - period!
In a difficult environment of 2017 you need all of the help you can get. House hacking affords the best financing opportunities, the easiest management overhead, and the most immediate return on investment.

I've been doing this for over 10 years. House hacking is the one thing left that works best! It works so well that I am doing it myself :)
About the Author
Ben Leybovich is a real estate investor, author, and internet entrepreneur. He was professionally trained as a classical violinist but was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in college, which spelled the end of his life-long dream of becoming a professional musician.

Once Mr. Leybovich realized that his medical condition was potentially prohibitive to holding a job, he set off on a lifelong study of personal finance, investing, marketing, and business. Through the years, he’s been involved in everything from running a non-profit music school, surviving a failed vending machine venture, succeeding in real estate investing, writing books, and online marketing.

Mr. Leybovich currently owns and manages a portfolio of real estate investments in Ohio and manages his website www.JustAskBenWhy.com. He is an avid blogger, with publications on numerous large financial platforms.

Mr. Leybovich resides in Arizona with his wife, Patrisha, and two children, Aaron and Isabella.

His two favorite quotes are:

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.” ~ Helen Keller

“If you hang out with chickens, you're going to cluck, and if you hang out with eagles, you're going to fly.” ~ Steve Maraboli

To find out more about Ben Leybovich please feel free to visit www.JustAskBenWhy.com.

“Let’s be honest: real estate investing has changed. But inside these pages, Ben has laid out exactly what works in today’s market!

I got my start house hacking, so I know the power first hand! It’s about time this book was written—a guide that shows investors an inside look at this powerful strategy. And, there’s no one better equipped to write it. 

When I need advice on a real estate deal, Ben is the first person I call. Not only can he talk the talk—he walks it every day. This book is proof. Read this book now!”

Brandon Turner, cohost of the BiggerPockets Podcast, author of bestseller The Book on Rental Property Investing

"Home prices have been on the rise for a decade. Using Ben’s strategy, you can fight back against rising home prices so you can live where you want to live, afford a better home, or just reduce your cost of housing while enjoying extra income and appreciation. 

This is not one of those real estate books touting the same old strategies that don’t even work in today’s market. This fresh approach is relevant today and this book explains just how to do it from start to finish.

Ben is an expert at No-Money-Down creative real estate investing. I've watched him create cash flow out of thin air. 

He has done it yet again with a strategy that is perfect for the new or seasoned real estate investor but is just as useful to the average aspiring homeowner."

Brian Burke, Real Estate Investor, President / CEO of Praxis Capital, Inc.

“For the longest time my go to strategy for any new investor was the method I used starting off: Purchase a duplex, live in one unit and rent out the other. 

It's been my solid go to recommendation to anyone that wants to get a foothold into real estate investing.

The market has become much tighter over the last few years making it harder to find a worthwhile property to do this with. Yet, there are a lot of places around the country where the vacation rental model as Ben describes it can still work very well.

I actually flew to Chandler to investigate what Ben was up to first hand. I can vouch that Ben has given a real world example of a vary viable way to get into the real estate game with low risk and much higher income potential. In the book Ben covers the specifics, including all of the numbers, marketing, and management. He addresses the remodel, and describes the exact process of turning units, checking in guests.

Anyone wanting to find a way to get started or create additional streams of income needs to read this very helpful book!”

Darren Sager, Real Estate Investor, Entrepreneur, and Licensed Real Estate Agent in NJ.

"Ben Leybovich retains his title as *the thought leader* in creative real estate investing, using it as a tool to formulate his lifestyle. Starting from nothing, Ben built a multi-family investment portfolio that allowed him to live without a W2 job. 

That's a dream for many. But he's now taken it a step further...forget compromise. With house hacking, 

Ben has solved the challenge of how to live in high-end homes, desirable locations, and expensive markets. "House hacking" is a very timely addition to the real estate investing playbook, perfect for today's economy. 

True to form, Ben brings a ton of personality, data, research, mechanical framework, and humor to this book--it's everything you could ask for. If you are serious about real estate investing, lifestyle design, and locational freedom, you have to read this book."

Justin Gesso - MBA, Bestselling Author, and Real Estate Investor - https://justingesso.com
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